South Bay Women’s Network

The South Bay Women’s Network, a group of professional women promoting each others’ business and personal activities in and around Los Osos, CA, needed a website redesign. “While our old site is ‘homey,’ which is part of our group’s appeal, it is very static,” the redesign request stated. “We want to offer our members a dynamic site that will help them network better through postings, a changing calendar, online newsletters, surveys, membership directory and possibly online luncheon reservation service.”

Another major concern was keeping the site user-centered, but also easy to update from a website administrator’s point of view. The group had used WordPress before and was most interested in using that platform to accomplish their goals. Working closely with a key member of the group, I was able to help them build exactly what they wanted without spending a ton of money.

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Meyer Pro Services

When Meyer Pro Services, a building maintenance company based in Olympia, WA, was ready to create a web presence they wanted something simple to update, reliable and flexible. They had a design, but needed expertise to get it on the web with functionality like photo slideshows and fillable contact forms that can’t be replicated in print.

One custom WordPress theme and a few javascript and php functions later, Meyer Pro Services had what it wanted – a classy presence on the internet that let people know exactly what the company does and how to get in touch should you be in need of what they do. The company continues to thrive and grow, and their website is ready to grow with them.

Brown Pear Solutions

Jennifer Brown needed someone who could dig into her site’s MVC infrastructure, decipher what had been done by a previous developer and make modifications to the site going forward. Built on the php-based Code Igniter framework, included both a front-end display for the general public and a MySQL database full of content that could be managed via a set of custom-built website administrator tools.

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Fitness Can Be Fun

Sue Conrad, owner of Fitness Can B Fun in Morro Bay, CA, had a website built on the WordPress platform that she was happy with but she wanted it to do more. She wanted a better way to advertise her class offerings on a calendar that her clients could refer to for date, time and location information. She wanted a page to showcase testimonials for clients that wanted to rave about her services. She wanted slideshows of images from her classes and video tutorials.

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TBC website redesign

Temple Baptist Church in Fircrest, WA wanted to reach potential parishioners and provide its current congregation with church news and other information via its website, but updating the site required technical knowledge church staff did not possess. They identified the Joomla platform as a way to expand their pool of content managers and improve the site’s design at the same time.

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