M29 Technology & Design

M29 Technology and Design needed a graphic designer at the last minute to build a banner for their tradeshow booth. The artwork had to be turned around in less than a day to meet the printer’s deadline to produce the booth materials.

Using a rough sketch and a low-resolution digital photo as a template, I built a resolution-independent vector file that could be stretched to fit the size of the tradeshow booth frame. The artwork made it to the printer on time and the project stayed on schedule.

A few days later, M29 Technology & Design called back seeking some design work for a web client of theirs who was headed to a tradeshow and needed some printed material to hand out to potential customers. Overnight I pulled together text and graphics from the client’s website, added some color and organized it all into a compact 6×9-inch postcard with a 1/8-inch bleed around all sides and had it ready to go to the printer.

This is the type of quick turnaround and rock-solid reliability you can expect when you hire me to work with you.

Technologies – photoshop, illustrator