South Bay Women’s Network

The South Bay Women’s Network, a group of professional women promoting each others’ business and personal activities in and around Los Osos, CA, needed a website redesign. “While our old site is ‘homey,’ which is part of our group’s appeal, it is very static,” the redesign request stated. “We want to offer our members a dynamic site that will help them network better through postings, a changing calendar, online newsletters, surveys, membership directory and possibly online luncheon reservation service.”

Another major concern was keeping the site user-centered, but also easy to update from a website administrator’s point of view. The group had used WordPress before and was most interested in using that platform to accomplish their goals. Working closely with a key member of the group, I was able to help them build exactly what they wanted without spending a ton of money.

Members of the South Bay are actively involved in their community and their site now reflects that activity, showcasing the groups efforts and attracting new members.

The redesigned version of the South Bay Women’s Network website features:

  • An online lunch reservation service that confirms reservations via email and alerts an administrator to new reservations.
  • A calendar of events listing linked to the reservation service so members can be aware of upcoming events
  • An online membership application form
  • Photo galleries from group events
  • An archive of newsletters sent to members each month
  • An online membership directory featuring a photo of each member along with contact information for that member’s business
  • A blog where members can submit items to be posted and news can be shared with the entire membership

Technologies – php, mysql, javascript, css3, photoshop