Spencer Aircraft

Spencer Aircraft and SIM Flight Center are an up and coming pair of companies based in Puyallup, WA, that are focused on putting pilots in the air and equipping them with the best stuff up there. Recently the companies needed new branding materials to advertise their products and services at trade shows and on the web.

The trade show banners needed to both work as individual banners that could hang in the office or be used singly at a show or other event and they also needed to work together as a group of six banners that could make a cohesive background for a booth. The key to making the banners work was to keep the letters big enough to read by those passing by and yet not cause the entire thing to look crowded with text.

The images reflect each of the businesses, with the pilot images on the SIM Flight Center banners emphasizing the training aspects of the business and the agricultural general aviation aircraft on the Spencer Aircraft banner speaking to the parts and supplies focus of that company.

The web advertising emphasized the Spencer Aircraft business and focused mainly on the company staff and events that are often hosted at Thun Field, an airstrip in Puyallup. The other focus for the web advertising was the aircraft covering kits sold to airplane builders and remodelers. The advertising is exclusively showing on a website and iPad/iPhone app called Social Flight.